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Title: The Bee's Knees
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel, background Dean/Benny
Summary: Cain was very content with his life the way it was.
Warning: ABO dynamics, Omega!Castiel, Omega!Dean, mentions of MPREG

After his mate, Collette had passed, Cain never thought to seek out another. Never wanted to. Not even as the years slipped by, and the house he’d shared with his beloved no longer held even the scantest trace of her sweet scent.

Cain wasn’t like a lot of other Alphas, who often rushed into finding replacement mates, for the fear and pain of being alone.

No, Cain was very content with his life the way it was.

He had his bees and he had his crops that he sold weekly at the local farmer’s market and that’s all he needed.

Cain had been coming to this particular market for the past few years and knew pretty much every vendor that lined the aisles with fresh produce and homemade goods.

So it was a surprise when an unfamiliar, but not in the least bit unappealing scent of rosemary and mint from a booth farther across the way sent him reeling just as he bent to pick up a crate of fresh corn.

Leaving the box, Cain stood and looked down the aisle, nose discreetly scenting the air before he zeroed in on a booth with two Omegas unpacking baked goods and what looked like various jars of jams.

He watched the pair as they worked, trying to figure out which the enticing scent belonged to. Their scents were so closely intermingled that from this distance there was no way Cain could tell them apart.

Other than one had the sweet smell of claimed, pregnant Omega and the other smelt like…home…mate.

Which was a longing that Cain had forgotten all about in his years of self-induced solitude.

Both of the men were outside of the small, soft Omega norm. But gorgeous none the less with their tall, broad shoulder, muscled forms that were more associated with Alphas.

Cain watched as the taller of the two pulled one of the pies off the table and promptly produced a spoon to dig into the dish unashamedly as his friend with the wild, dark hair rolled his eyes.

The action had Cain assuming that meant the Omega happily stuffing his freckled face with blueberry pie was the pregnant of the pair.

A fact proven correct when not even a second later a bearded and burly Alpha hauling boxes, stepped into the booth and the seated Omega’s scent went so cloying sweet that it caused Cain to sneeze.

An action that apparently didn’t go unnoticed by the shorter Omega who brazenly scented the air and caught Cain watching and held his stare with intense blue eyes.

Cain broke first, turning back to set up his booth.

He wasn’t looking for a mate, didn’t need one. No matter how good the Omega has smelled and looked.

Things were fine just how they were.


Before Cain even turned from his jars of honey, he knew the deep, rumble of a voice belonged to the, his, Omega.

“You sell honey?” The Omega inquired; gesturing with one of his tanned, large hands towards the multitude of jars already on the table.

“Yes, from my own bees.” Cain answered as he placed the remainder on the table.

“Are you Cain?” The Omega asked; squinting at the basic named product labels.

“I am.” He responded and found himself smiling as the Omega nodded.

“I’m Castiel. I’ve always wanted bees.” The heated look that accompanied the innocent remark made the Alpha’s skin itch in the most delicious way.

“Is that so? What do you do now, Castiel?”

“My sister, Hannah and I grow fruit on our land, that my friend, Dean…” Castiel pointed back toward said friend, who’d forgone devouring his pie for scent marking his mate’s neck as the Alpha boisterously laughed, thick hand fondly rubbing the Omega’s abdomen.

“…and his mate, Benny use for their pies and other baked goods.”

“That’s quite a business venture you have going.” Cain nodded; fully aware of how Castiel’s scent had gone heady as he leaned over the table, bringing them in even closer proximity.

“It is. But they’re always looking to expand, searching for new things to try…” Castiel paused before reaching out and boldly brushing long fingers over Cain’s own.

“As am I.”


Part 2


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 1st, 2015 09:18 pm (UTC)
Damn right he's not!!!
Thanks! I had a ton of fun with it and might even write a couple more little ficlets once I get the chance. :)
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 4th, 2015 03:22 am (UTC)
OMG preggers!dean is the greatest and grossest thing EVER. I love it.
Before SPN I was like wtf with ABO but now I'm like...ALL THE OMEGA!DEAN!!!! LOL
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