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Title: The Bee's Knees - Part 2 (Part 1)
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel, background Dean/Benny, Hannah with mentions of Hannah/Kim
Warning: ABO dynamics, Omega!Castiel, Alpha!Cain, explicit sex (this chapter)

Cain and Castiel’s courtship was far from conventional; but then again so were they: a reclusive Alpha and a determined Omega not afraid to go after what he wanted.

It’d been a whirlwind from the moment Castiel introduced Cain to Dean and Benny that very same morning at the market.

The Alphas had discussed Cain’s honey after Castiel had shoved a jar into one of Benny’s meaty hands with an order to taste it; while the Omegas seemed to hold their own silent conversation that ended with a raucous, happy laugh from Dean, head thrown back as Castiel scowled at his friend.

From there, it’d been on to meeting Castiel’s family.

When they arrived, Castiel had taken his time showing Cain the multitude of colorful berry bushes that practically surrounded the small farmhouse before ushering them through the back door of the house, where the sweet aroma of jams and jellies in various stages filled the kitchen.

A smell so strong that Cain hadn’t even scented that Omega stirring pots on the stove was pregnant until she’d turned, revealing an extremely large belly.

Her dark hair and blue eyes would have easily given her away as Castiel’s twin; but the almost identical, intense gaze solidified it.

“Who’s this, Castiel?” She asked; wiping her hands on a towel as she moved to her brother’s side.

“Hannah, this is Cain. We met at the market today.”

Cain held his hand out and Hannah shook it; her grip strong, eyes steady on his.

Other Alphas might have been offended by such a display from an Omega, and a pregnant one at that, but Cain knew Hannah was Castiel’s only blood relative, therefore she’d have his respect.

Especially, if he and Castiel were truly going to go through with the whole mate thing.

“My mate, Kim had to go out on a tow call and took our daughter, Frankie with her, but it shouldn’t take them long. Will you come talk with me while I finish up these jams? Then we can have dinner once they’re back.”

“Of course. It’d be my pleasure.” Cain turned to a smile at Castiel as Hannah steered him back toward the stove.

When Cain and Castiel announced their official intent to mate just a few short weeks later, everyone was happy for the pair but absolutely no one was surprised.



Cain was jarred out of the peaceful sleep by the alarm clock on his nightstand, signalling the arrival of 5 a.m.

They’d promised to bring honey to Dean and Benny at the market today. The first time he and Castiel would be back to the market since their mating, three months ago.


“Turn it off before I throw it out the window.” Castiel growled from somewhere under his pillow.

Cain flipped the switch then rolled over, shifting blankets and pillows out of the way so he could get to the skin and warmth of his mate.

“We promised we’d help Dean and Benny today, Castiel.” Cain pointed out; rubbing his bearded chin over a broad shoulder. Which earned him a half-hearted swat as Castiel tried to burrow back under the covers.

“Castiel, you’d abandon your oldest friend...” Cain chuckled as the Omega rolled over and glared at him with bleary, grumpy wrath.

“Did I ever tell you about the time Dean left me standing on the side of the road in the middle of the night with a phone that was almost out of minutes?”

“No, dearest, you haven’t.” Cain answered as he gently swiped a thumb over Castiel’s sheet creased cheek.

“Dean, can wait.” Castiel answered before abruptly dropping to the mattress, the blankets still rucked halfway down the bed.

And with such a large expanse of tan skin on display Cain couldn’t argue with staying in bed a little bit longer.

Wrapping arms around Castiel’s chest, Cain reverently brushed his lips over the freshly healed mating mark on the Omega’s nape while Castiel pushed himself back against Cain with a shiver.

They stayed that way for a long time, naked bodies tightly pressed together until just before the sun started to rise when Castiel’s started rocking determinedly.

“I thought you wanted sleep?” Cain questioned as the ambrosial smell of Omega arousal reached his nose.

The answer to the question came with Castiel’s quick reflexes that had Cain suddenly on his back with his mate sprawled out on top of him, thick thighs bracketing his waist and the first trickles of Omega slick being rubbed against his skin with each roll of Castiel’s hips.

“That was then.” Castiel purred before bring their lips together, tongue lustily sliding inside Cain’s mouth; morning breath be damned.

Cain reveled in the desperate need of his mate, one hand tangled in Castiel’s dark sleep mussed hair, the other gripping his waist tightly.

Castiel pulled away from the kiss as he slowly sat up astride his Alpha with eyes ablaze. Cain watched Castiel’s strong fingers scratch through the thick thatch of his chest hair before running the same fingers gently up and over the mating mark Castiel had given to Cain.

Which was in fact, another sign that no matter what the pair did they would always be outside the norm.

Castiel had refused to lay his mating claim over the faded one, given to Cain by Collette like Omega’s traditionally did in the event of a second mating. Castiel instead had chosen the opposite, unmarred right shoulder for his mark.

And it was in that very action that Cain knew he’d found the perfect mate, after being alone for so very long.

As the sun started filtering more brightly through the curtains, Castiel’s undulations became more purposeful, each slide causing the head of Cain’s hard cock to just slightly catch against the Omega’s slick rim.

“Castiel.” Cain groaned, fingers digging impatiently into his mate’s hips.

“Easy, Alpha.” Castiel soothed; rising up just enough so he could immediately sink back down onto Cain’s aching cock with a loud, rumble of pleasure.

Cain kept his hands on Castiel’s hips, encouraging each movement as the Omega rocked slowly against him.

Cain watched, enthralled as Castiel reclined, arms stretched behind to grip the Alpha’s thighs; panting as he threw his head back; the morning light showcasing Castiel’s tan skin and muscular frame while his hips began to buck faster.

“Alpha.” Castiel panted before leaning over and kissing Cain desperately, fingers tangling in his gray streaked hair.

“Yes.” Cain growled; rolling their positions and once Castiel was underneath him, pushing back into the tight, wet heat of his mate.

Wasting no time Cain’s thrusts were fast and hard, the headboard slamming against the wall as Castiel clung to him and shouted,

“Alpha! Alpha! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Cain felt his knot swell with each filthy plea that tumbled from Castiel’s mouth and by the time the Omega cried out, his release splashing against both of their stomachs, they were locked together and Cain was following right behind as Castiel clenched tightly around his knot.


“We really need to get cleaned up.” Cain commented; his knot had long since gone down but neither of them had moved from where Cain lay draped over Castiel, face firmly pressed into the crook of the Omega’s neck.

“Or we could just go back to sleep for awhile.” Castiel hummed as he continued rubbing soothing patterns over Cain’s back.

“No, we can’t leave Dean and Benny in a bind.” Cain raised his head; eyes narrowing at the smirk on Castiel’s face.

“They’ll be fine, especially since I dropped off some honey yesterday and told Dean we’d be back for sure next week.”

Part 3


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Apr. 24th, 2015 02:26 pm (UTC)
Hehehe little shit Castiel is my favoritest thing EVER.
Awwww thank you so much.
I've seen mating marks a few times but I have no idea where the covering an old with a new idea came from. I was just walking through my laundry room when it hit me and I immediately was like...oh that is most definitely something Castiel would be wholly against.
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