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Title: The Bee's Knees - Part 3 (Part 1, Part 2)
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel
Warning: ABO dynamics, Mpreg, very brief mention of option to terminate pregnancy.

Cain’s dreams were filled with the scent of rosemary and mint mixed with the sweetness of honey.

He knew they were dreams because there was no other way both he and Castiel could possibly fit, stretched out along the old swing on their front porch. Bodies pressed tight with Castiel’s back against Cain’s chest as the swing gently swayed with the breeze.

Another was the fact that Castiel was huge from pregnancy, his stomach round with their pup, who kicked strongly against every loving stroke of Cain’s hand.

Whenever Cain woke, the smell lingered, sometimes followed him faintly throughout the day. But he knew it was only a biological reaction to being recently mated and surrounded by newly born pups.

Especially Hannah’s Hael, with her dark hair and bright blue eyes that so very much resembled his mate’s own.

He and Castiel hadn’t discussed pups, seemingly content with the affections of Hael and Frankie and even Dean and Benny’s pup, Bobby John.

Though, Cain wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.


The smell was stronger, richer than it’d been any other time Cain had had the dream and he couldn’t help but nuzzle closer to the crook of Castiel’s neck. Burrow into the scent as he rubbed a wide palm over his mate’s ever expanding stomach.

“Cain.” His name left Castiel’s throat in a pleased rumble that Cain felt against his lips.

When Castiel said his name a second time the Alpha felt himself being pulled away from sleep, back into wakefulness. The dream growing hazy around him, though the alluring scent of pregnant Omega, his pregnant Omega, didn’t so much linger as continued to press into his senses pleasantly.


He opened his eyes at the sleep graveled, annoyance tinged tone and found himself wrapped tightly around Castiel; hands laid possessively over the barely there swell of Castiel’s stomach that’d gone unnoticed until just this very moment.

“You’re pregnant.” Cain stated against the shell of the Omega’s ear.

“Possibly.” Castiel answered dryly and Cain could smell the bitter tang of anxiety take over the sweet smell he’d unconsciously come to love so dearly over the last couple of weeks. “Hannah said she’s certain.”

There was just enough light in their room for Cain to see uncertainty etched on his usually confident mate’s face.

“When did you talk with Hannah?“ Cain asked as his hand left Castiel’s stomach and slid over his bare hip.

“Tuesday, but it was more her telling me outright, than anything else.”

Cain chuckled softly as he remembered Hannah taking Castiel from her kitchen at one point before they’d started dinner that night. He himself had been too busy at the time with Hael, who’d been determined to stand in his lap as he sat at the table. Her feat aided by one chubby hand tangled in his hair, the other latched onto his beard while his palm stayed protectively against her tiny back.

“Tell me what’s troubling you, dearest one.” Cain implored even as Castiel rolled more toward his own side of their bed.

“I’m too old.” Castiel quietly admitted, moments later.

“Nonsense. Your twin had Hael only nine months ago.” Cain countered; fighting the bone deep urge to soothe a hand over Castiel’s stomach.

“My female twin. You know it’s harder for male Omegas, the older they get.” Castiel shifted fully onto his back; eyes going to the ceiling when Cain pointed out,

“Dean just had a pup as well.”

“Dean’s also five years younger than me.”

The acrid unease had begun to overpower Castiel’s everyday scent and Cain closed his eyes and exhaled slowly to clear his head; get control of the ingrained instinct to press against and protect his pregnant mate, regardless of what the Omega may have really wanted.

“Castiel, you don’t have to keep the...” Cain felt the words shake out of him before he was emphatically interrupted.

No. I may not know exactly what to do but I want this. I want this.” Castiel declared; pulling Cain’s hand to rest over his stomach. “This is ours.”

Cain nodded; opening his eyes when he felt Castiel reaching for him.

Without removing his hand from Castiel’s warm, soft skin, Cain leaned into the embrace, kissing up and over his mate’s jaw until his lips were planted against Castiel’s; the smell of anxiety beaten back with every gentle swipe of his tongue.